This website will tell you about science between black holes and newtron stars. We will build a telporter, and explore the universe. So lets at packing 😃 There is allot of websites about our solar system, so you can look at them. We will try other weird things in space

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Black holes

We will talk about black holes. They are scary things in the solar system. Black holes are a huge gravity well that even light cannot escape, Think about it like our entive universe is made out of multiple peices of fabric. This fabric is call space time. When you stretch out a peice of fabric, with nothing underneath it, and put a rock on it, the fabric bends a litle. Same thing with our universe, the more the mass of the object, the more it bends space time. A black hole is like a hole in the fabric, and everything that goes near it falls out. If you fall into a black hole, you won't notice a thing, untill you meet the event horizin, where there is hawking radiation, and then you would burn to ashes. Some black holes, lightyears apart from here, are so strong that they might take you past the hawking radiation and to who nows where. Nobody knows what is inside a black hole. If you saw someone fall into a black hole. the you would see them elongate untill they reach the event horizin there, it will look like time has stopped around a black hole. Like I stated earlier, if the black hole is massive enough, the object might be able to go straight into the black hole, but for almost any other black hole, they will burn due to hawking radiation. There is a theory that a black hole lead to a white hole in a different dimension. A white hole is a is like a black hole, but you cannot enter it, but it spits things out that fell into the black hole. This theory is still, a theory, nobody knows. There is a huge black hole in the middle of our galaxy. Black holes are formed by the death of massive stars, when there gravity collapses on itself. Also, black holes can be created when alot of peices of mtter group up and becomes so dense to become a black hole. The one in our galaxy is one of those

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This is not the real image of a black hole, just a nice visual.

Newton Stars

Newton stars pretty much breaks some laws of science. To figure out how it breaks them, we first have to show some basics. There are atoms. Atoms are made out of smalle molecules, protons, nuetrons, and electrons. Proton and nuetrons are made out of smaller things, quarks. Normally, quarks are never observed alone. When you pul on them, the stronger they pull back. Eventually, the will use the energy to create more quarks. When massive stars die, it's gravity collapses on them. The gravity collapsing turns protons and electron to nuetrons. If the nuetrons are strong enouph, then they will turn into a nuetron star, the most dense thing in the universe other than black holes. Now we go into the breaking the laws of science part. There is a theory that nuetrons stars are dense enough to break the quark bonds inside it, meaning that now every quark will be alone. Btu wait! it gets teriibly better, some quarks will evolve under the presure, and turn into strange quarks (yes that is the actual name.) These strange quarks may be the ideal state of matter, because there is nothing more stable than it. If anybody, or anything, touches the strange quark, the atoms may so "impressed" by the quark and immideatly start converting into it. You should try to watch one of Kurzgesagt's videos to get a nice visual. (in credits). Well if the strange matter is inside nuetron stars, it can't can get out of it, right? Sadly, it can get out, during gamma ray burts. Caused when 2 nuetron stars colide, it creates a strong magneting feild and small peices may be flying of the north and south pole. Some of the peices may be the strange quarks. A scary theory is that these particles of strange quarks are zooming acorss the unvirse as we speak, and there is millions of them (maybe more). There is a very low chance of them getting near our solar system. A galaxy like ours is is only due for these strange quarks to shoot anywhere every few million years.

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Gamma Ray burts

Gamma rays are practicly cosmic snipers. Gamma rays happen when 2 newtron stars collide. In the last passage, I told you about the strange matter and how it comes from the north poles. Same thing with gamma rays, it shoots out from the north and south poles. Because of the magnetic field, the gamma rays ar presurized. For those who don't know, gamma rays DEADLY. The sun emmits gamma rays, every second, but our earth's ozone layer and magnetic feild protects us from them. If a gamma ray shot at earth it wll melt the ozone layer, and we would die from solar radiation. All gamma ray burst has been detected outside our galaxy. For a galaxy like ours, there is only a gamma ray burst every million years, so rest assured.